Our Programs

Alacrity Services is dedicated to helping people love their homes, whether an insurance loss is in the picture or not. Our restoration and repair programs can tackle nearly any home repair job. Through our Direct Repair Program, the trusted, qualified contractors from our elite nationwide network can get the job done, whatever it is.

Direct Repair Program

  • Assignments originate from our business clients
  • We work with insurance carriers to help return their policyholders’ homes to pre-loss condition following a claim
  • We work with banks/lenders needing to return vacant REO properties to saleable condition

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Homeowner Services

  • For consumers, agents, and other individuals looking for direct access to our network and services
  • Remodels, updates, & general home repairs
  • Ideal for a homeowner who has received a settlement check, had a claim denied, or whose loss is below the deductible amount

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alacrity Services affiliated with my insurance company or the contractor?

No, Alacrity Services is independent from both your insurance company and the contractor that performs the work.

How did my claim end up with Alacrity Services?

A claim only comes through our program after the policyholder has indicated to their insurance company that they are interested in using the program.

What happens once my claim is sent to Alacrity Services?

After your insurance carrier provides us with the basic claim information, the claim is then referred to a contractor in your area. The contractor will contact you to set up a visit at your home to review the property and prepare an estimate. The choice to use the contractor is 100% yours and work will only begin once you have authorized the contractor to do so.

Will I be responsible for paying the contractor for the insurance-related work it performs?

Not directly. When you opt to use our program and authorize the contractor to perform the work, the insurance proceeds necessary to get your home to pre-loss condition are sent to us. For most claims, we will incrementally release funds as the contractor reaches progress points while performing the work.

How is Alacrity Services involved in the life of my claim?

In a nutshell, we monitor the progress of your claim through its resolution. We help your insurance carrier track events and make sure the claim moves along in a timely, uniform manner. We are also available to you, the policyholder, if you may have any questions related to your claim. And if any issues arise along the way, we are there to help resolve them by facilitating communication and acting as a mediator between the parties.

The contractor has finished the work related to my claim – what happens now?

Once the work is complete you will be asked to sign a certificate from Alacrity Services indicating you are satisfied with the work. This certificate will be provided to your insurance company to indicate the work is complete and, in most cases, will also qualify you for our Quality Assurance program.

What is the Alacrity Services Quality Assurance?

When applicable, our Quality Assurance is essentially an extra level of protection for you beyond the warranty contractors on our program are required to give you. If any covered materials or workmanship issues arise, you will not be stuck with the bill, even if the contractor that did the work is unable or unwilling to honor its warranty.

I have a remodeling project I would like to do at the same time as my insurance claim – is that an option?

You are free to hire your contractor for additional work unrelated to the insurance work. However, any work done outside the scope of your insurance claim is between you and the contractor, only, and is not a part of our Direct Repair Program. You may choose to use Resolve for your remodel if you would like to enjoy the same benefits as the DRP without an insurance claim.

What if I don’t have an insurance claim?

No problem – our programs can connect you to the right contractor for your project whether you’ve got a claim or not. While our Direct Repair Program is designed to work with insurance carriers to help return their policyholders’ homes to pre-loss condition following a claim, our Resolve program can connect you directly with the contractor of your choice for other projects. Either way, you get the benefits of Alacrity Services’ Quality Assurance for the work done on your home as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each person who works on your project has been thoroughly pre-screened.