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Be Prepared

Storms and flash floods in the Midwest, wildfires burning up and down the West Coast, major earthquakes in South America, tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic, and tornados across the heart of the country. The news is filled with these natural disasters and the havoc they create. Are you ready? September is National Weather… Read more »

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget….. How many times have you cleaned up, packed up, zipped up and loaded up for vacation or a quick weekend out of town, and thirty minutes down the road have those thoughts pop into your head… did we turn off the lights? Was there anything left in the washer? Did we turn off… Read more »

Rolling Thunder in the Sky

That roaring sound that makes you wonder if a train is rolling through your neighborhood making your house shake and your dogs bark can be awe-inspiring but should not be taken lightly! Thunderstorms happen quite often this time of year and can cause a multitude of problems. Thunderstorms can generate great amounts of rain, enough… Read more »