Prepared for Hurricane Season

June 1 marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season, which runs until November 30. Each year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issues a forecast for the both the number and severity of storms we can expect. For 2015, NOAA has forecast between 6-11 named storms (storms with winds of at least 39 mph), and 3-6 hurricanes (storms with sustained winds of 74 mph or above). Although this is forecast to be a “below normal” hurricane season, we already have seen the first named storm – Tropical Storm Ana – make landfall in South Carolina in May.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes cause damage in many ways.

  • High winds can damage roofs and drive debris into structures.
  • High tides cause coastal flooding along waterfronts and in low-lying areas.
  • Torrential rains can cause water damage through leaky roofs and windows.
  • Along with a hurricane making landfall comes the threat of tornados.

Insurance Restoration Industry

The hurricane season marks a busy time of year for companies involved in the insurance restoration industry. Property and Casualty insurers are preparing their Catastrophe Response Teams (CAT Teams) for deployment in areas where hurricanes make landfall. Restoration companies are taking inventory of their equipment and preparing their response plans in the event they are called upon to head into areas where their services are needed.

Alacrity is Prepared

Here at Alacrity, we too are getting prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. By working with both our insurance carrier and restoration company partners, we help coordinate the processes needed to help homeowners find responsible, reliable and professional services in their time of need.

We constantly are working to provide better, more customized services to our business partners. As part of that effort we are proud to rollout Alacrity’s new website. We have updated the user interface to make the necessary information more accessible to visitors. We also have divided the website into different sections for our restoration industry partners, as well as our partners in the insurance and banking industries. We also have reserved a section for areas of future business expansion.

Whether the NOAA forecast for 2015 proves correct or not, we know that it only is a matter of time before a major hurricane again strikes the United State. When that time comes, Alacrity Services will work with our insurance and restoration partners to provide the highest level of services in the industry.

For a useful guide on hurricane preparedness, check out Lowe’s handy Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

Lowes Hurricane Guide PDF